Projector & Screen

DIY Projector Screen & Accessories

I wanted to build a projector setup on the cheap… I am still designing a portable unit for the projector to sit on and to contain the wires… But here is the start of it. I built two screens, one is approx 60″ and the other is 110″ which I mounted on the wall in a spare bedroom. Both are framed out of wood with metal brackets for support and then wrapped with black plastic. The black covering helps with projected image clarity, as the bed sheets I put on top for the screen are quite thin. For the spare bedroom, i’m considering making a hanging mount for the projector with hooks for easy set up and storage.

For speakers, I found a relatively cheap 2.1 speaker bar. I had never heard of the brand, but the reviews on amazon were good. The projector is also cheap, but can support 720p and has HDMI output as well as a 2 year warranty. All in all the results were better than expected considering the entire project was under $200. I will post back once I have expanded the project to include transportation and possibly battery power for the true mobile projection experience.

Parts List

Cheap LED Projector – $110
Cheap 2.1 Sound Bar – $60
Wood & Brackets/Screws – $15
20ft AUX Cable – $5