Retro Pie Gaming Console

This was pretty easy to get working. I ran into a few issues getting certain games to work (especially Arcade ROMS aka MAME) and enabling save states to work correctly with the different emulators. Having some Linux command line knowledge is helpful… Once I have time to better document this, I will do a step-by-step detailed guide for people going into this blind / with no experience.

Parts List

Rasberry Pi 2 – CanaKit
2x USB SNES Controllers
2x USB Extenders

Basic Setup

Download the Retropie SD card image and use the Win32DiskImager to put it on the card. I tried out the Raspberry Pi 2 Version 3.0 BETA 2 image. Fortunately there seems to be a decently active community and regular updates to the versions.

Put the card in your Pi and turn it on, there is not much else. Once your Pi is connected to your local network, you should be able to SSH/SFTP to it by using pi@retropie and the password you set up when prompted during setup. I use the FileZilla client for transferring ROMS and Cygwin to SSH onto the Pi and edit configurations.

Help / Resources

RetroPie Setup Wiki (lots of good video tutorials here)
Raspberry Pi Forum
RetroPie Blog